Ansys SIwave

SIwave è una piattaforma di progettazione specializzata per integrità di potenza, integrità di segnale e analisi EMI di package elettronici e circuiti stampati. E’ disponibile in tre pacchetti.

  • SIwave-DC 

The SIwave-DC product targets DC analysis of low-voltage, high-current PCBs and IC packages, enabling assessment of critical end-to-end voltage margins to ensure reliable power delivery. It allows you to perform pre- and post-layout “what-if” analyses for DC voltage drop, DC currents and DC power loss. This process ensures that power distribution networks (PDNs) can source the proper power to integrated circuits — checking that the PDN has the proper bump, ball and pin sizes, and proper copper weighting to minimize losses. The technology identifies areas of excess current, which can result in thermal hot spots, to reduce risk of field failure. You can quickly analyze path resistance (also known as partial resistance) between components on a PCB or package to understand the PDN differences before choosing the best PDN topologies for sourcing power.

  • SIwave-PI 

The SIwave-PI product includes SIwave-DC and adds AC analysis to accurately model power delivery networks and noise propagation on PCBs. SIwave-PI is ideal for analyzing power integrity distribution challenges, and automatically optimizing decoupling capacitor selection and placement — all while performing accurate voltage drop and power loss analyses.

  • SIwave 

SIwave combines SIwave-DC and SIwave-PI functionality with the robust ANSYS Nexxim time-domain circuit simulation engine. It enables fast impedance and crosstalk scanning with visual, color-coded feedback and HTML reports. SIwave employs specialized full-wave finite element algorithms to compute resonances, reflections, intertrace coupling, simultaneous switching noise, power/ground bounce, DC voltage/current distributions, and near- and far-field radiation patterns on high-speed PCBs and complex IC packages. With SIwave, you can easily import ECAD geometry; extract GHz-accurate interconnect models for IC, package and PCB; include transistor-level models of drivers and receivers; and run SSO analysis, impedance matching and power delivery system optimization. This solution includes common IBIS analyses, such as power-aware IBIS and IBIS-AMI, to provide virtual compliance to design engineers.